The School Safety Grant

Working closely with our partners, the School Safety Grant offers a number of custom-built grants of software and products valued up to $40,000 to help education systems revamp, rebuild and reinforce their school safety and integrate existing technology seamlessly with first responders

A Simple Mission

To protect our children in the places they learn, independent of politics.

The School Safety Grant seeks to do more than fund solutions to our country’s most dire issue. It seeks to implement and install real, life-saving technology that can immediately improve the safety and security of school districts.

Founded by a community of those who have experienced or been affected by a school shooting.
We know the horrors of a school shooting firsthand. We know the lasting impact of a life lost, a loved one injured or a compromised sense of security. We know it’s time to act.

The School Safety Grant program seeks out and provides technology solutions that will help speed up the time in responding to an active shooter situation, and provide law enforcement with actionable intelligence and enhanced controls to help respond to an active shooter situation.

Our Schools Need Us

In 2018 alone, 85 people were killed by active shooters. It’s a number we refuse to normalize, and one that sadly climbs with every year that passes.

The parents of the victims from Parkland designed a way to enhance the safety and security of schools and other mass gathering establishment at a national level. Andrew Pollack, one of the parents from Parkland, created the School Safety Grant to generate funding that would be available nationally.
Life-saving technology exists. It’s on us to apply it.
Much like identity protection and home security, school safety has seen massive advancements in scope, sophistication and capability in the last decade. The School Safety Grant works to put these advanced measures of protection in place for the most important people in our lives.
No one deserves to live in fear.
With more than 277 active shooter incidents counted across the U.S. between 2000 and 2018, our mission doesn’t end at the school doors — school districts, law enforcement agencies and mass gathering establishments may all apply for a grant.

The Application Process

It starts with just a few pieces of information from you.



Fact Finding

Applicants gather important information about their school's current makeup and security capabilities, including size, lockdown protocols and existing surveillance equipment.




Applicants use this information to fill out our grant submission form in addition to a 500-word statement of purpose.



Selection Process

Our grant selection committee reviews applications on a rolling basis. Only one grant request will be considered per school, however, parents are encouraged to share the program with friends and administrators



Safer Schools

Should your school be awarded the grant, we'll work with you tie your existing equipment and implement it as quickly as possible for law enforcement.

Nominate Your School

Safer schools are possible. Our School Safety Grant gives educators and administrators the funding and technology to make them a reality.

Our Friends & Partners

Meet our community of law enforcement agents, government officials and concerned parents like you.

Seconds Save Lives

Take our tech walkthrough and see the School Safety Grant in action.

Help Secure Your Schools