Our Mission

There is no cure to the lasting heartbreak and horror of a school shooting - but there are measures that can be put into place to increase the protection and security of our schools. We believe in finding and funding new, advanced and easily-implemented protections for schools across the country regardless of where we come from or how we vote.

Our Organization

Our Organization

Together with fellow parents affected by the tragedy at Parkland, Andrew Pollack created the School Safety Grant to help fund school safety enhancement nationwide.

The grant program discovers and implements technological solutions that work to accelerate response times in an active shooter situation, providing law enforcement with the actionable intelligence and enhanced controls statistically proven to save lives.

10 Minutes is an Eternity

10 Minutes is an Eternity

The average active shooter scenario lasts only 600 seconds. Each incredibly valuable. Each incredibly dangerous. That's why we're working to significantly improve the response time for law enforcement specialists.

" The responsibility to protect our children in schools across America is something that requires the voice of every citizen. We can’t do it alone, and we can’t accomplish this task with political warfare occurring between us."

Andrew Pollack

American author & School Safety Activist

Time is our greatest resource in the face of our nation's greatest epidemic. We must act now, so our local authorities and administrators can react faster.

Seconds Save Lives

Take our tech walkthrough and see the School Safety Grant in action.

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